Jet-city records is searching for artist for global launch in 2020.

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Jet-city records is a Canadian based company with ties on both coasts. Jet-city records focuses on embracing and nurturing some of the finest musical talents Canada has to offer. The label is looking to expand its roster globally in 2020. We are looking for producers and creative artist in all genres of music. We are opening submissions for global launch June 20 2019.

We receive a-lot of submissions so to see who is actually serious about their career we created a small fee. After fee is payed you will have access to email your best two tracks.

We will review your tracks via live video and offer honest critique well promoting your track on the Jet-city facebook page with a reach of 250,000. We will send you a email and let you know if we have a contract for you or not.

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