Aye Michelle

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     Aye Michelle is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Winnipeg, MB.

She is a Portuguese St. Lucian mixed heritage Canadian. She started making music for fun about 10 years ago, and as interest from peers to collaborate increased, she found the motivation to keep writing. She was played on Streetz 104.7 for her feature on “floating” ( A track created with another Winnipeg group called “Fam Type”). She collaborated with many other local artists including Yk the mayor, The Mic, Tweety, Its Official, and most recently, Jet City Records. During her time making music she performed several times, once opening for a well-known rap group “36 Mafia” with the track “Floating”.


Music became her creative outlet and was even therapeutic at times. The freedom to express herself through her music was empowering and she was able to network with people who were successful Canadian artists.  She wanted to make music that transcended borders and represent her country. Aye Michelle's is influenced by Rnb as she grew up listening to artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Huston when she was a child. Artists like Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, and Sza inspire her when she's writing music. Reggae and Latin music were also prevalent in the household and have influenced some of her personal styles.


You can expect to hear a variety of different sounds from her such as soul, trap, and reggae, getting in touch with her roots. Aye Michelle is currently working on her first debut solo Ep project title to be determined.